Sports forecasts for friends

The application gives players the opportunity to create private competitions with their friends or to join public competitions in order to compete with each other with forecasts on the sports competition of their choice. Scorecast proposes different sports (football, rugby, handball, basketball...) with competitions like cups or championships. After the acquisition of the company by iDalgo, our product team was in charge of the full redesign of the mobile application.
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Product Designer

The project

I first joined the team as a freelance designer to redesign the app and also to create new features, then I joined the team full time as a product design intern. My job was to redesign the whole user experience to meet the current needs of users, from user research to collaborative work with developers.

Discover - Define & user research

Being the only designer in the team (with a project manager and 4 developers), I had to set up the whole discovery process. My first challenge was to identify the problems experienced by the users by doing a lot of user research. I did a series of interviews with different types of players and also did a larger scale survey via a Usersnap integration on our site to collect mass data. We then used Dovetail to collect all this data and to clearly identify the pain points that would be prioritised in our product roadmap.

Test - Find solutions, ideate & prototype

Once the problems were identified, my role was to propose the solutions, first to the team based on lo-fi prototypes to answer the problems, then to quickly move to a prototyping side to test them with users. Sometimes we may iterate several times on the same feature to make sure we are answering the problem correctly.

Deliver - Select & implement

Once the solution is found, I take care of the design on Figma to make sure the developers are in the best possible environment to start the implementation, taking into consideration all the elements they would need: components, different states of the components, animations, asset exports...

Learn - Measure & improve

Here it is ! Our new feature is now available on the stores. But the work doesn't stop here. With the help of my project manager, Jérémy Bigot, we measure with quantifiable data the impact of our new feature on the product but also the comprehension level of the experience by collecting insights again talking to our users by email or directly by the chat on our competitions.

This is how we try to build Scorecast day by day. I'm very proud of this project because I know how much the responsibilities I was given made me grow, especially by having a more business-like approach to my design. This project also taught me to be more autonomous in my work, by allowing me to set up a complete design workflow. But also to understand that it is ok to test, iterate and not have the right solution right away, but instead to spend more time listening to the users. And what a privilege it is for a product designer to work on a project in a domain that he/she enjoys and is passionate about every day. 💙

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