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This project was realized during my internship at MakeReign. Our mission was to redesign an application which already had more than 100 000 users. The application is dedicated to traders running little shops predominantly in South African townships, allowing them to sell basic services like electricity, airtime, data etc.

Our main goal was to improve the usability of the product to design a more intuitive interface for the traders.

First, we did some desk research aiming to find information about users, competitors… But we were facing a lack of information and data. We examined the current application to identify its defects and possible improvements, based on the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design. But in this particular case, the best solution was to directly test what works and what doesn’t in the field. We have therefore carried out many test phases into townships with users to achieve the best possible result.

Flash Mobile shop in South Africa

Interview & User Testing

We made some interviews to know more about our target, mostly what their days looked like, what was their level in digital experience. We collected valuable feedback that helped us understand their way of thinking and their way of using the app. Then, we did user tests to better understand. We realised that they were very familiar with all the Material Design Components because they used a lot Whats App on Android. Now that we know which language our target market was used to, we can communicate with them in the right way.

Icon testing in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Iconography Test

We decided to carry out an iconography test during these interviews. The idea was to get the users away from the screens and for them to only use their imagination and prior knowledge to create a product that suits them. To test their association between an icon and a word, we asked them to connect what belonged together using a pen and a printout with icons and words.

If you want to know more about the UX process of this project, I wrote an article on Medium ✏️

Work closely with the branding team of Flash

We focused on the visual aspect of the product by working with the client's branding team. Flash is a large company with several digital products, which requires a certain rigour in terms of artistic direction. This phase of the project was sometimes complicated because we had to juggle the client's business needs, our beliefs to improve the user experience and the marketing aspect of the project.

Flash Screens
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